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Partnersalon werden

Du hast Lust, mit uns das Meer und die Gewässer in Deutschland zu retten? 

Deine Aufgabe ist ganz einfach: Du sammelst die Haar-Reste, die bei Dir im Salon anfallen, und einmal im Monat werden sie bei Dir abgeholt. Damit sparst Du Unmengen an Restmüll und Deine Kunden werden sich mit Dir freuen, das mit ihren Haaren Gutes geschieht und sie nicht einfach in den Abfall wandern.

Für die Logistik wie Lagerhallen, Administration  und Werbemittel u.v.m. veranschlagen wir einen Monatsbeitrag von 21€ zzgl. MwSt. (durchschnittlich also 1€ pro Salon-Öffnungstag). Das Abholen der Haare ist hier bereits inklusive. 

Die Mindestvertragslaufzeit ist 6 Monate.

Kündigung zum nächsten Monat möglich! 

  • Wie lange ist die Mindestlaufzeit?
    Die Mindestlaufzeit beträgt 6 Monate und kann danach jederzeit zum nächsten Monat beendet werden.
  • What do I pay the monthly fee for?
    With the monthly contribution, the package will be picked up from you in the salon free of charge. The organization also pays for the marketing of the individual salons. We will be featured in consumer magazines so that as many people as possible can hear about the great work of the hairdressers. We also need the contribution because we don't have a sponsor or a product that we can sell to date. The warehouses, the people who check the hair, the postage and much more. is to be financed. A positive side effect is that the garbage fees decrease per month. In Bückeburg we save around €7 per month. Administration of the organization is currently a very small part.
  • What are the advantages of being an active partner salon?"
    As a partner salon you will receive a certificate, advertising support and active press work. The performance in a salon finder including Google optimization is also included.. At the same time, we are happy to be present at press events to push the project further.
  • Which container to use?
    Until we have our own container, we ask you to buy in a paper bag (approx. 60 l) in the organic supermarket or in another supermarket. Please transfer these to a carton from the supplier, otherwise the parcel service will charge a surcharge of €13 per parcel.
  • Will the hair be picked up or do I have to post it?"
    The parcels are picked up up to once a month. On average, we calculate 5 collections per year, as larger salons have more hair than smaller ones. Please make sure that it is a box when you pick it up, as we charge for each package individually. If there are several boxes, the parcel service will charge a surcharge of €9 per package.
  • Do I have to pay for each branch individually?
    If all the hair can be collected from a branch and it does not exceed one box per month, the value is €21. If there are several boxes, we unfortunately have to charge a surcharge of €9 for each additional box. You can be listed in the salon finder for €2 per branch.
  • Can I donate hair without making a contribution?
    Unfortunately it is not possible for us to accept hair donations without a contribution payment at the moment.
  • How do I have the package picked up?
    Please let us know that the package is now ready for collection and we will take care of the rest.


Ja ich will Partnersalon werden und das Meer mit Haaren retten. 
Ich unterstütze die Organisation
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